For Schiff: We told you so, you RUDE rat bastards!

What pisses me off as I look back over these videos is how rude and condescending these rat bastards were to Peter Schiff, economic adviser to Ron Paul and one of the very few who warned us that the imaginary prosperity we were enjoying would come to tears, because it was a fiat money bubble which had to burst.
So for all of you who laughed at our warnings then, here is a video. Enjoy it. Then go fuck yourselves. If you don't fuck yourselves to death, go read some Austrian Economics.
Here is my prediction: the worst is still yet to come. I'm not sure what Peter is saying these days, he's never interviewed anymore, but it is mine.
If you want to patronize Peter's company, it's at http://europac.net/

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I think it is in the nature of TV infotainment to treat downers caustically. Accuracy has no value to them. If we were to look at pundits over the years, most were wrong and remarkably so.

Peter was right, for the reasons he stipulated, overconsumption, which is defacto expending capital as though it were income. Even that could have continued for some time had there not been the speculative bubble engendered by crass financial manipulation. And that all could have taken place with any money mechanism, fiat, gold, or what have you. It is the formal rules and informal incentives that pertain. As Peter said, money is not wealth. Cheers!