Live Free or Die; Death is not the Worst of Evils

Just a quick note to let y'all know that I have abandoned my life, such as it was, in South Carolina, and am currently posting from Gettysburg, en-route to New Hampshire, the Free State.

Please have a look at the Free State Project at http://freestateproject.org/, if you don't know why.

As America's Second Great Depression bears down on us, again caused by the Federal Reserve, and again attributed to free markets which do not even exist, the time has come for those of us who love Liberty to concentrate ourselves somewhere where we can make some difference, where we can have an impact, where we can speak with the resonance of many voices raised together against the impending explosion in Federal power, and where we can -- should the Federal Government so overstep the bounds of reason, of decency, and of the laws of economics that is brings about it's own destruction -- be surrounded by like minded and well armed people, prepared to pick up the pieces and see that whatever Socialist monstrosity follows the collapse will not be able subsume the entirety of what was once the freest nation on the face of the earth.

Let the red states and the blue states fight each other to the death over whether their salvation lies in Fascism or in Communism. My salvation lies in Freedom, and if I must choose a hill upon which to die for it, I choose a hill in the Free State of New Hampshire.

In Liberty

Rich Paul


Keith Smith said...

As a fellow Southern who moved from TN last year, I look forward to meeting you once you move up. We have some big fights up near but we are many and more come all the time.

If the SHTF, there is no place I'd rather be than NH. Live Free or Die!

The Nobody Formerly Known as Rich Paul said...

Sorry for the long delay, but I'm still in New Hampshire, if you are. :)