Please! Shrug! Just Shrug!

A request to the executives of the banks which are not sucking at the public Tarp Teat:

The U.S. Treasury Dept has decided that it has the authority to regulate your salaries. It has decided that the value of your labor should be determined, not by the market, but by the same moron politicians who caused the collapse in the first place.

I say, please, for the love of reason, if they cut your salary, walk away. Just walk away. Do not let yourself become a slave of the state.

If they think they can do your jobs better than you, let them try. Let them see what the world is like without you.

And please read "Atlas Shrugged".

I ask you to do these things, not for me, but for yourselves.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Great blog!

Canadu said...

Well said. Have never heard of a radical centrist till now. Keep up the good work!