The Free State Project #1

The Free State Project, for those of you who don't know, is an attempt to move 20,000 (L|l)ibertarian activists into New Hampshire, so that we can live in one of the freest States in the Nation, and so that we can help it to stay free, and to grow freer. I have been looking forward to my move for some time, and hope to make it this year! I'm nervous about moving to a new state, where I don't know anyone, and building a new life there. So I've been watching the FSP web site as I build up my nerve (and wait for school to end). I caught a video today that really got me excited about the prospect. It was a rally in support of a New Hampshire bill which will announce that the State will not participate in the RealId Program. It wasn't huge, probably about 500 people, but where I live now, they are so in love with government that there hasn't been a peep. Nobody understands that RealId is another brick in the wall, and it's a big, gnarly brick. I have to admit, this video made me a little misty. I listened to people in my future home who actually get it. They see the police state coming. They care. And they mean to "Live Free or Die". I read on the Free State Project web site that New Hampshire allows open carry of firearms anywhere except in courthouses. I thought "Yeah, right, good luck trying it!". But at the demonstration I noticed people carrying. At a demonstration! Without fear, without harassment. No wonder New Hampshire has such a low crime rate!

Anyway, enjoy the video, and if you care about liberty, click on the "Regarding" link in the header of this message to sign up for the Free State Project and start building a life of Liberty.


Lloyd said...

Rich Paul!?!! Wow.. Has been many, many years my friend.
I originally read this post last night and have been engulfed in the readings of the FSP and other related sites. I have to say I have all but signed up to move!

Good stuff.

cxx_guy said...

A long time indeed! Welcome to my humble domain! I'm back in Ann Arbor now, but looking forward to moving to New Hampshire ASAP!


Lloyd said...

I am back in A2 as well. We should get together. I don't see an email addy here so I will leave mine la AT lloyd-duke.com.
Would love to catch up over coffee some time.