Congress attempts to silence grass roots organizations!

Here is a copy of the email I just sent to my CongressCritter via DownsizeDC.org. The legislation which imperils us is another stealth legislation, which they expect to be voted upon very quickly. Please join me in contacting your "representatives", and in demanding that they make no attempt to silence the people of what was once the freest country on earth. Click on the "Regarding" link above, or go to DownsizeDC.org, to make your voice heard.
Please follow the lead of the Senate in stripping regulation of grassroots groups from any lobbying or ethics bill that comes up in the House.

My personal comment to you:

We citizens organize at the grass roots for one reason and one reason only: to have an impact. This is our legal right under the First Amendment to the Constitution to the United States. If the First Amendment did not exist, it would still be our legal right under the Ninth Amendment. If the Ninth Amendment did not exist, this would still be our legal right, as Article 1, Section 9 does not specify limiting political communication as one of the 19 strictly limited enumerated powers it confers upon the Congress. In law, if a way is specified by statute, there is no other way. By extension, if a set of powers are specified, there are no other powers. Even if the constitution did not exist, since as noted in the Declaration of Independence, our rights are inalienable and independent of any government, which is only established to defend the rights we already have, we would still have the natural right to speak.

You WILL NOT make me a coward. I ask you not to make me a criminal.

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