Isn't it nice when criminals make restitution?

For years, I was a victim of extortion. Over the course of years, over a quarter of a million dollars were taken from me, by a ruthless gang which threatened to kidnap and mistreat me if I refused to pay them. In return for my money, they gave me "protection", which I neither wanted nor needed. This served to create the illusion that what was going on was somehow moral and above board. The people from whom I needed protection, of course, were the perpetrators of this extortion, but none was forthcoming.

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, I received a check in the mail. It was only 300 dollars, but even that was a welcome sign that these ruthless thugs had somehow seen the error of their ways. They had realized that if they wanted money, they needed to earn it, not steal it from the people who had.

Over the decades of the Clinton and Bush administrations, I had begun to lose my faith in humanity. I began to believe that maybe we were getting the government we deserved. But this little check as illustrated to me that even hardened criminals can see the light. Maybe there is hope for America and for Humanity after all.

If the IRS can repent their crimes, anybody can.

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