McBama Ahead of Barr on Suicide Advocacy

The Chief Evangelist of the Environmentologist Cult, Al Gore, has decided that nobody should ever burn oil for any purpose again.

He claims that McBama, the undifferentiated mess composed of the presidential candidates of the Big Government Party, is way ahead of most politicians in stiving to reach his goal of economic suicide.

I don't know about most politicians, but he sure is way ahead of Bob Barr is forcing us to return to the Horse and Buggy Era! Bob has not recognized any need to abandon technology and return to the era when people could count on their 'Back To Nature' lifestyles to keep them alive to a ripe old age of 40, and sometimes 50!

Barr does not understand that success is sin, and that we need to atone for our lack of grinding poverty and starvation with some good old Human Sacrifice!

Link: My Way News - Gore sets 'moon shot' goal on climate change

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