What could make a hurricane worse?

As we in Florida approach hurricane season, let's consider how we as a society can make things worse for those at risk. How about an 'anti-profiteering' law?

If we allow 'profiteering', also called commerce, then imagine what could happen were there a serious hurricane that effected Miami, but not Tampa. Some poor unemployed guy in Tampa could get in his truck, load it up with bottled water at the supermarket, drive to Miami, and sell that water on the street corner for $10 a gallon. This would mean that a guy who should rightfully be suffering poverty and misery would be making money just by risking the drive into a dangerous, storm blighted area, investing in the gas and the vehicle, and doing the work. It would also mean that some poor person who should be thirsty and lack the means to wash her dishes and herself would not suffer from the lack of water, but instead would have paid $10 for a $1 gallon of water. She's out $9! Clearly this situation must not be tolerated in a civilized society.

So let's get tough on proffiteers. The $9 you save may be your own.

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