Can I *BUY* my body?

In most parts of America, it is illegal to sell your body. In most senses of the phrase. Prostitution and organ sales are both illegal. You can donate your body to science, but you cannot accept a fee for doing so.

This makes little sense until you look at the other things you cannot do: drugs, suicide, unapproved medical procedures, working for an unapproved wage, working at all without turning most of the proceeds over to the state, the list goes on and on. The conclusion is clear: we are slaves to the state. We cannot engage in behavior which might damage our bodies, because we do not own our bodies. They are owned by the state.

But I seem to recall that back in the days before slavery became universal, that a slave could buy his freedom from his master. Which leads us back to the thesis. I cannot sell my body. But can I buy it?


Jamie said...

It just goes to show you the intent of the current administration. Justice, liberty, freedom, and ethics are simply obstacles to them. The same philosphy has been applied to the whole CIA outing thing. To quote Mike Malloy..."Have I mentioned how much I hate these people?"

Jamie said...

Damn.. that was supposed to be a comment on "Deep Throat Doesn't Suck".