Overcoming injustice through DNA

Matt and Andrew Moldawer have been unfairly descriminated against all of their lives. They have been excluded from equal consideration by schools, from scholarships, and from many other privleges due only to the color of their skin. This is bad enough, but they have now discovered that they are not even entirely members of the race against which their tormentors intended to discriminate. These discriminators assumed, based on their victims' appearance, that they were caucasion. But the victims have now discovered that they are 9% black and 11% indian, and should never have suffered this discrimination.

Of course under the constitution, as written, the discrimination should never have occurred. The 14th Amendment guarantees all citizens, regardless of race, equal protection under the law. But the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that while all the animals are equal, some are more equal than others. And Men of Colorlessness are the least equal animals in the zoo. They have inherited oppressorness from their ancestors, and therefore must be punished by Affirmative Action and other anti-equality laws for these 'genetic crimes'.

By the same token, an African who emigrated to the United States last year, is assumed to have inherited a victim gene that causes not only a darkening of the skin, but an increase in their level of privlege, due to the fact that some people with whom they share some genetic heritage were exploited by people with whom they share a differant level of genetic heritage.

The lesson is clear: be sure to check your genes, you may have inherited more equality then it appears.

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