England prepares for "Knife Control"

Shops still selling knives to children | Reuters.com

It would appear that England wants to make life even easier for criminals. As one would expect, it's near total ban on handguns has caused an increase in fatal stabbings: committed, one must infer, by the few criminals too stupid to be able to find illegal guns. So what is the rational response? Who cares -- this is politics. The next likely response is an increase in the legal age to purchase a knife (that's right, they actually regulate sales of knives) from 16 to 18.

No information is available on the minimum age at which brits can obtain bats, rocks, blow torches, wrenches, lighter fluid, matches, tweezers, windows, fists, feet or any of the other tried and true methods of eliminating tiresome company.

On the brighter side, if they somehow make the gun and knife bans work, the English can look forward to an evolutionary increase in average height and weight, as more physically demanding forms of killing take over.

Sadly, their female population will probably drop, as women are stripped of the equalizers with which they can compensate for their generally weaker upper bodies. But isn't that a small price to pay for a disarmed and easily victimized public?

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